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Current Tax Information

Summer Taxes: Due to the implementation of Public Act 243 of 2002, the State Education Tax (SET) became a summer tax beginning July 2003. The County Allocated millage became a summer tax July of 2007.

Summer taxes are mailed by July 1 and are due by September 14 each year to avoid penalties and interest. Some cities may have a different due date. Township, City and County Treasurers are the only treasurers that are authorized to collect the SET or County Allocated tax.

Summer taxes are payable July 1st thru February 28th at your Township or City Hall, with the exception of South Haven Charter township, where the taxes are payable to the County Treasurer.

Here’s a link to the online Van Buren County Municipality page, where the residents of Columbia Township’s tax records are accessible. Van Buren County Tax Records –>

For properties in a village OTHER than Paw Paw or Mattawan, there are now 2 bills that are due September 14th. The Summer bill will be payable to your Township Treasurer and your Village Taxes will be payable to your Village Treasurer. Properties in Paw Paw and Mattawan Villages will receive 1 summer tax bill, as the village has agreed to have the Township collect their village taxes, which will be payable to the Township Treasurer.

Summer taxes can be deferred to the due date of the winter taxes for those persons who fit a specific criteria. For an application and listing of those eligible, please click on the Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes link. The Board of Commissioners has passed a resolution allowing certain persons to extend the due date of their winter taxes, if they are a senior citizen, disabled or other criteria AND if they have filed for a Michigan Property Tax Homestead Credit and have not yet received their check from the State of Michigan. Click on the link below for more information.

Links for Tax Relief Forms & Information.

Information taken from the Van Buren County Website. Visit the Van Buren County Website Current Tax Information Page ->

Delinquent Tax Information

PA 123 of 1999 shortened the time frame for delinquent taxes. Taxes are due to your township or city treasurer by February 28th of each year. On March 1, if taxes are still not paid they become delinquent and are turned over to the County treasurer for collection. At that point a 4% Administration fee is added as well as 1% interest per month is added on the 1st day of each month.

If taxes remain unpaid on March 1st of the next year, the property enters a period known as “forfeiture”. This is the year of preparation for foreclosure. On March 1st of that 2nd year, a $175 forfeiture fee is added, $20 in recording fees are added and the interest rate increases to 1.5% each month back to the date of the original delinquency (6% added). In addition to those fees, fees for Personal Service, Publication, and Certified mail are added throughout the year as those services occur.

Beginning on January 1 during the forfeiture year, personal checks are no longer accepted for parcels in forfeiture. Payment must be made in cash or certified funds at that point.

Here’s a link to the link for the Van Buren County Municipality, where the residents of Columbia Township’s tax records are accessible. Van Buren County Tax Records –>

During January and February, two hearings are held. The first is a show-cause hearing, held by the County Treasurer, who meets with taxpayers to discuss why their property should not be foreclosed. Applications for hardship extensions are received at this meeting. The second hearing is held in the Circuit Court. The Judge will hear any taxpayer who feels that their property should not be foreclosed upon. The Judge will approve the Judgment of Foreclosure, which will be recorded after March 31st at the Register of Deeds Office.

If the parcel remains unpaid until March 31st (1 year and 1 month of forfeiture), the property is foreclosed and the owner loses all rights to the property. The property is then sold at auction to the highest bidder. The County holds two auctions between July and October of each year. All properties are listed in the first auction with a minimum bid, consisting of all taxes and fees owing. All parcels that do not sell in the first auction are offered at a second no-minimum bid sale. Any parcels that do not sell are then turned over to the Township/City/Village that they set in, or are retained by the County.

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Information taken from the Van Buren County Website. Visit the Van Buren County Website Delinquent Tax Information Page ->

Find Your Property Tax Information

The website provides you with all your property tax information including current and delinquent taxes. It enables you to look up your property, your tax assessments, tax payments, and you can pay delinquent taxes online. If you create an account, you can save your properties as favorites to easily access them the next time you visit the website.

Here’s a link to the Tax Records of Van Buren County Municipality, where the residents of Columbia Township’s tax records are accessible. Van Buren County Tax Records –>

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Pay Delinquent Taxes Online

Pay Delinquent Taxes Only (Below), Please DO NOT pay current year taxes online. Those taxes must be paid at the Columbia Township Hall.

Van Buren County is pleased to add an additional option for its taxpayers to pay their delinquent property taxes.

Paymentus Corporation is a third party automated payment service that accepts Visa, Master Card, debit cards and electronic check payments. Paymentus will charge a 2.65% service fee for each transaction: The fees charged for this service are at the discretion of Paymentus Corporation. Van Buren County does not receive any portion of this fee.

NOTE: Payments MUST be posted prior to the deadline when using Paymentus to pay delinquent taxes. For example: if you are attempting to avoid publication and the deadline is November 30, your payment must be posted by 5:00 p.m. on November 30. To avoid foreclosure, your payment must be posted by 5:00 p.m. on March 31.

Please keep in mind that if you have multiple years of delinquent taxes, payments will be applied to the OLDEST year first.

Here’s a link to online Van Buren County Municipality, where the residents of Columbia Township’s tax records are accessible. Van Buren County Tax Records –>

Please be sure that you have the following information:

1. Your 12-digit Parcel ID Number (example: 80-##-###-###-##) Take caution when entering your Parcel ID number. If you pay on the wrong parcel number, your payment will not be refunded.
2. A current payoff – Please call 269-657-8228 to get your current payoff. Interest is added on the first of each month and fees are periodically added. *You may also find your current payoff online at Property Tax Information ->
3. Your credit/debit card or checking account information.

Here’s the link to pay delinquent taxes online:
Van Buren County Delinquent Tax Bill Online Payment ->