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Assessor: Anne Richmond

Hours: Monday and Friday 9am - 12:30pm

General Information

The Assessing Department identifies and values all taxable real and personal property within the Township. Columbia Township has approximately 2,844 real property parcels and 62 personal property parcels.

Additionally, the Assessing Department:

  • Maintains property record information for every parcel of property in Columbia Township, including legal descriptions of the land and physical improvements.

  • Maintains taxpayer of record information received in various formats, such as:

    • Deeds

    • Property Transfer Affidavits

    • Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption Affidavits and other related forms

  • Maintains sales records on vacant and improved properties, obtained through recorded deeds received from Van Buren County Clerk's Office and/or Property Transfer Affidavits

Our Assessor

Columbia Township hired Anne Richmond in 2019. She is a highly skilled assessor that has been working hard to ensure the appropriate and equitable assessment of all properties in the township. She typically responds to emails and messages on Mondays and Fridays each week. However, as events can arise, she commits to respond within 7 days. You can also schedule an appointment to meet her in person by contacting her or calling the hall.

Assessing Records

Assessing records can be viewed/obtained in a variety of ways. First, many records are available online, more details about web-accessible files will be available in the future. If you experience technical difficulties, you may contact the assessor and she can email you the record. Printed records from the web are available in accordance with the township's fee schedule.

Documents both available on the web and only available in print can be provided via a Freedom of Information Request. Information on how to request records via the Freedom of Information Act can be found here.

Documents can also be viewed at the township hall. We request two business days' notice, a scheduled appointment, AND consideration of the normal hours of the assessor and/or clerk. The assessor or clerk must be available when you come to the hall to view the records.

Informal Disputes

We are committed to working with our citizens whenever possible to address disputes when allowable and equitable. Please reach out to Anne with any concerns using the information provided on this page. It is not always necessary to attend a Board of Review hearing, Anne will work with you to determine if that is a requirement or if your concern can be handled in a more efficient way.

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