Hall hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Aaron Tuinstra Fire Lieutenant
Anne Richmond Assessor 269.870.4587 Email
Beverly Sherrer Trustee and Township Rep on PC 269-427-0990 Email
Christy Case Clerk 269.434.6227 or 269.224.8669 Email
Chuck Moore Building Inspector 269.569.0015
Dave Johnson Fire Chief Email
Gary Gruss Trustee Email
J.C. Robertson Deputy Fire Chief Email
Jeremy Robertson Fire Captain
John Taylor-Maki Fire Lieutenant
Karen Gruss Deputy Treasurer
Ken Speicher Supervisor and BOR Secretary 616.218.3761 Email
Mary Phelps Deputy Clerk and BOR Members Email
Michigan Township Services Electrical Inspector 269.673.3239 Email
Rhonda Collins Treasurer 269.434.6227 x2 Email
Ruth Cripps Administrative Assistant 269.434.6227 Email
Tasha Smalley Zoning Administrator 269.673.3239 Email
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