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Planning Commission Member

Columbia Township is always looking for citizens that are interested in serving on the Planning Commission. There are five positions that serve 3-year terms each. The Township has an open seat starting January 2022. If you are interested in sitting on the Planning Commission, send an email containing your interest to supervisor@columbiatwp.com.

Planning Commission Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Studies of existing and future conditions, surveys, probable growth (M.C.L. 125.3831, 125.3807, 125.3831(2)(a)). Often this is the Fact or data book part of the master plan. It often includes sections on economic development, social development, physical development, and environment.
  • The duty to create the master plan for development, often projecting 20 years into the future focusing on land use, transportation, public transit, waterways, waterfront, sewer, water supply, utilities, recommendations for redevelopment, removal replacement, improvement public infrastructure, zoning plan and implementation of master plan goals (M.C.L. 125.3831, 125.3833, 125.3867).
  • Promotion of public interest and understanding of the master plan and promotion of the master plan. (M.C.L. 125.3851) This is often done by producing a flyer, summary, or poster about the plan.
  • To create subplans (M.C.L. 125.3835).
  • Adoption of part, all of a county master plan (M.C.L. 125.3847).
  • Oversee the master plan, subplan, plan amendment, or part of a plan adoption process (M.C.L. 125.3839 to 125.3845).
  • Cooperate with neighboring and area local governments (M.C.L. 125.3831(2)(b), 125.3831(3)).
  • Cooperate with state and federal governments (M.C.L. 125.3831(2)(c)).
  • Cooperate with other agencies of its government (M.C.L. 125.3831(2)(c)).
  • If it is a county planning commission: Coordinating Agency for all planning in the county (intergovernmental coordination). At this time this function is more important than ever with the New Economy and the need for local government to perform its role to bring Michigan back to economic prosperity. If it is a municipal planning commission: participation in the county or larger regional planning effort (M.C.L. 125.3837).
  • Infrastructure Reviews of proposed physical improvements in the government (M.C.L. 125.3861).
  • Subdivision (site-condo) reviews as well as development of a land division / subdivision / site-condo ordinance (M.C.L. 125.3871).
  • Prepare Annual report (M.C.L. 125.3819(2)).
  • Prepare and submit the budget for the next year (M.C.L. 125.3823(2)).
  • Prepare an annual work program, which is a part of the annual report and budget. M.C.L. 125.3823 & 125.3819(2)).
  • Keep public records of its meetings and other documents, all complying with the Freedom of Information Act (M.C.L. 125.3819).
  • Hold at least four meetings a year (Columbia Township Planning Commission holds monthly meetings), all meetings complying with Open Meeting Act (M.C.L. 125.3821).
  • Respond to the county request for a copy of zoning (and updates as they happen) by the county planning commission (M.C.L. 125.3869).

To apply for this job email your details to clerk@columbiatwp.com

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