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General Property Tax Information

Current Taxes are collected by the Township.

Summer taxes: are mailed July 1 and are due to Columbia Township by September 14 each year.  (Summer taxes remain payable at the Township through February 28th of the following year, but interest and penalties apply.)

Winter taxes: are mailed December 1 and are due by February 28 each year.

Current Taxes must be paid via Columbia Township Treasurer.


Delinquent Taxes are collected by the County: On March 1, if taxes are still not paid, they become delinquent and are turned over to the County Treasurer for collection. At that point, a 4% Administration fee is added as well as 1% interest per month is added on the 1st day of each month.

Delinquent Taxes must be paid via Van Buren County Treasurer.


Village Taxes are collected by the Village: For properties in Breedsville, Village Taxes must be paid via the Village of Breedsville Treasurer.


Links for Tax Relief Forms & Information:

Application for Tax Relief for Active Military Personnel

Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes

[insert Winter Deferment Application]

Online Parcel Tax Information

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