Hall hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. | Phone Number: 269-434-6227

TRANSFER STATION CLOSED 9/30/23 NEW TRANSFER STATION HOURS - STARTING OCTOBER 1st  OPEN: Every Saturday, except the 1st Saturday of the month.  OPEN: The 1st Sunday of the month. HOURS: 9am-5pm




Buildingelectricalplumbing, and mechanical inspections are required for all new construction and prior to moving mobile homes into the township (as well as relocations in the township). An investigation fee of $100 dollars will be assessed for any work starting before obtaining appropriate permits. Zoning compliance must be obtained before any construction is started, even if a permit is not required.  Use of Recreational Vehicles, Travel Trailers, and Tents require permits w/ proof of proper sewer and water use.

Select a permit type on the left (on computer) or in the upper right hamburger menu (on phone) to obtain more information. 


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