Planning Commission

Planning Commission

2nd Tuesday of each month–7:00 pm


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Zoning Ordinance Columbia Twp. 2015
Columbia Township Zoning Ordinance 2015


Zoning Maps

Official Zoning Map 2017 Columbia Twp. (Excludes Village of Breedsville)

Columbia Township Zoning Map 2015 (PDF)
Columbia Township Zoning Nov 2015

Columbia Twp. Zoning Map – Grand Junction Overlay District (PDF)
Columbia Township Zoning Grand Junction Overlay District

Columbia Township Master Plan

Columbia Township Master Plan (PDF)

Master Plan Maps

Master Plan Maps (PDF)

Columbia Township Draft Master Plan Revision

Columbia Twp Master Plan Section 1-5 DRAFT 2019 MP_

This Year

Leslie Elrod


Dave Marcelletti

Vice Chairman

Christy Case


Beverly Sherrer

Board Rep.

Linda Miller